The urban complex of Wanda Plaza is an exclusive commercial property mode of Wanda, including large commercial centers, urban pedestrian streets, five-star hotels, office buildings, apartments, etc., which covers areas of shopping, catering, culture, and entertainment. It creates a large business district and makes Wanda Plaza itself the city center. 186 Wanda Plazas located in CBDs cover all aspects of leisure entertainment and greet over 2 billion customers every year. They make customers both be interested and happy, as well as offering handy marketing opportunities for brand clients. Wanda Media fully carries out the marketing concept of “emotion + reality scene=scenario“ and makes customers fall for brands because of wonderful memories created by those scenarios.

Resource Introduction

Wanda KidsPlace Park, anime-themed parent-child park created by Wanda Children Entertainment Co., Ltd., is the biggest children entertainment brand globally. For now, there are 120 KidsPlace Parks around the country with a consumer flow of 40 million every month, including 14 million families. In KidsPlace, children will be absorbed in playing with various toys while parents are looking after them. Everyone is cheered by this atmosphere of love and happiness, locking their attention in this fragmented era.

Located at the first floor of shopping mall, corridor of Wanda Plaza adjoins the atrium area with different kinds of international mid-high end brand stores around. It’s also a place where customers must pass through, connecting customers from atrium area and indoor pedestrian street. In this consumption ecosystem of Wanda, diversified forms of products presentations will be provided to brand clients for broadening customer and attracting elite group with high income, high-level consumption and high academic qualification.

  Atrium of Wanda Plaza, where customers must pass through, is the core region of customer flow in the shopping mall.It can furthest gather people to take part in branding activities, which is the center area to make their interest translate into purchasing power. With a wide view and being 360-degree surrounded by indoor pedestrian street, atrium of Wanda Plaza is the focus of everyone. Carrying out activities here, like new car test drive and get free movie tickets for buying products will stimulate customers’ interest and attract them to participate actively.