Wanda Kids Place

Exclusive joyful scenarios for new generation of families nationally; the first “staring media” in China

  • Wanda Kidsplace Park

    Wanda KidsPlace Park, anime-themed parent-child park created by Wanda Children Entertainment Co., Ltd., is the biggest children entertainment brand globally. For now, there are 120 KidsPlace Parks around the country with a consumer flow of 40 million every month, including 14 million families.

    In KidsPlace, children will be absorbed in playing with various toys while parents are looking after them. Everyone is cheered by this atmosphere of love and happiness, locking their attention in this fragmented era.

  • Joyous Ocean Balls

         KidsPlace chooses an eye-catching position in the shopping mall to hold the large-scale activity of Joyous Ocean Balls, which not only brings children’s entertainment facility to new generation of families but also attracts tens of thousands of people to watch. Brand exposure can be maximized through product placement of properties, holding a figure parade and customized competitive games.