Case Study

Integrate all sorts of Wanda commercial scenarios’ media resources and fulfill convergence marketing strategy together with brand clients


Wanda Media did both online and offline promotions to turn the deep game impression ofWarcraftinto a film impression that attracts a national attention. For online promotion, we initiated a “player media”-Azeroth Weeklyon an active forum to fuel players’ gaming enthusiasm into a desire of watching the film; for offline promotion, we organized the activity of “Immortals from the Heaven” in crowded areas to appeal players to going out for a “date” and attracted audiences in the streets. It tookWarcraftonly 114 hours to break through a box office of 1 billion RMB and it became a rare phenomenal film in 2016. Because of this, Wanda Media won the yearly Outstanding Marketing Event of China Marketing Awards in 2015-2016.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The promotion of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles covers areas of filming, sports, and music, in which brought more young generations in China to accept and understand the American edition of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Four posters had been published in 12 universities like Beijing University of Technology, Beihang University, and China Foreign Affairs University since April 18, 2016. The official Microblog of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, together with the official Wechat account and Microblog of CBA 3X3 League, launched the activity of “searching for” the turtles (collecting four group photos of the posters for a ticket). In June of 2016, on the opening ceremony of CBA 3X3 League at Hi Park Playground of Master Card Center, turtle figures entered the playground, which bound sports and films together. Meanwhile, the theme song Shadow Break with both hip-hop and traditional Chinese styles were on FM radios (Qingting, Kaola, Youting, Ximalaya, HitFM, Tencent, and Ting ting) and music Apps (Microblog Music, Netease Music, Iqiyi Music, Baidu Music, Changba, Ziyan Music, Gionee Music, Letv Music).

FAW Audi

FAW Audi carried out convergence marketing of “Two Scenarios” by connecting Wanda Cinema and Wanda Plaza so as to continuously upgrade its high-end and mature brand image, attract customers and locate more potential clients.

Through buying tickets online and watching films offline, audiences will see Audi-sponsored IMAX auditorium online and offline, as well as Audi cinemas which show the brand temperament of Audi with high-quality visual effects. While going by car display in the atrium of Wanda Plaza after watching film, customers could experience the quality of Audi in reality or reserve for a test drive with leaving their information.