Product Placement

Provide brand clients with customized professional and innovative product placement in films.

  • Build a strongest entertainment marketing camp with P.GEM

    As top 1 international entertainment marketing company worldwide, Propaganda GEM provides Wanda Media with resources of over a hundred latest movies to ensure that the brand clients can obtain first-hand information of Hollywood films. Wanda Media and P.GEM are members of Wanda Group. They have succeeded in jointly planning a series of entertainment marketing programs for Hollywood blockbusters like Batman v Superman, Angry Birds, Warcraft and etc. With one in China and the other one abroad, they together devote to helping Chinese brands to go abroad and overseas brands to come to China. Wanda Media and P.GEM have already built a strongest entertainment marketing camp and created business value with global influence for brand clients.  

  • Establish strategic cooperation with well-known Hollywood studios

    Having established strategic cooperation with well-known Hollywood studios, Wanda Media is highly recommended by 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Picture, Warner Bros. Entertainment etc. Films as Transformers: Age of Extinction and series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that were made cooperatively by Wanda Media and Paramount Pictures have all achieved huge success on box office in China, which are even better than those in North America. The profound collaboration with Legendary Pictures, the founder of classic IPs, helps Legendary Pictures successfully start their local business in China. Warcraft and the Great Wall both hit over one billion in ticket sales in China.

  • Cooperate with Wanda Pictures, the largest private film company in China

    Wanda Media and Wanda Pictures, the largest private film production company in China, both belong to Wanda Group. Cooperation between them provides brands with advantaged superiority of content marketing. While increasing media exposure and brand awareness for domestic brands by product placement opportunities in blockbusters, Wanda Media also helps international brands land in China focusing on young and fashionable consumers and explores business value of films to the greatest extent.