Joint Promotion Campaign

Provide brand clients with the most matched joint promotion programs.

  • Capri-Sun & Ice Age: Collision Course

    In August 2016, Wanda Media chose the film Ice Age: Collision Course which was going to make an upsurge of film-viewing at the end of this summer holiday to help promote Capri-Sun, a natural juice brand which is new to Chinese market. It significantly increased product sales through the massive publicity with releasing cinemads, displaying life-sized cardboards and holding online-shopping activities.

  • Mengniu Xinyangdao & Warcraft

    In June 2016, Wanda Media planned a co-promoting activity for Mengniu Xinyangdao and the movie Warcraft, which opened up a brand-new publicizing platform for Mengniu through launching the “limited edition package of Warcraft”, releasing TVC ads, and putting up posters in supermarkets, theaters, escalators, stations and gas stations. It became another masterpiece of cross-boundary cooperation between film and brand.

  • Dell & Batman vs. Superman

    In April 2016, Wanda Media was in charge of marketing promotion for Dell’s three main models in accordance with the theme of Batman vs. Superman, aiming to build a good image in the customers’ minds through the positive influence of Batman. During the joint promotion, the company proposed to decorate the Dell’s off-line stores with the IP image of the film. As a result, the in-store consulting rate of three main products improved by 20% and this directly improved the sale of the three models rapidly.