Wanda Media has established close partnerships with six major studios in Hollywood through investments and joint promotions for years. Recommended by 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Picture, Warner Bros. Entertainment and etc. Wanda Media has built a bridge between brand clients and the great resources of Hollywood in TV and film.

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As top 1 international entertainment marketing company worldwide, Propaganda GEM provides Wanda Media with resources of over a hundred latest movies every year to ensure that the brand clients can obtain first-hand information of Hollywood films. In terms of product placement and entertainment licensing, numerous classic cases are created. It has perfectly placed premium brands such as BVLGARI and BMW in Hollywood blockbusters like Casino, Mission: Impossible II, Transformers: Dark of the Moon,

As top 1 international entertainment marketing company worldwide, P.GEM has devoted to entertainment marketing for more than 20 years with business covering Hollywood blockbusters, American TV series, product placement in MVs, Hollywood character licensing (joint promotion), Hollywood-related PR activities and Hollywood derivative product development, mastering the largest, most extensive and best resources of entertainment marketing. With one in China and the other one abroad, Wanda Media and P