Film is the biggest entrance to ritual socializing in the internet era and is also the greatest common divisor of urban youth’s ritual socializing. The youth meet in Wanda for watching films and spend their time generously along the way. With film as an entrance, customers will be absorbed in “good mood” scenarios that Wanda creates.

Resource Introduction

Wanda Cinemads are advertisements which will be played before all the films start in certain cinemas. Release date is controllable, market targeting is flexible and a large number of people will be covered. Over 90% early-admission rate guarantees effective reach and the cozy comfortable environment will promote audience reception of ads.  

Wanda Targeted Cinemads are advertisements copied along with specified films and will be played in all the Wanda theatres before certain film screenings. Use the advantages of super IP to target customers and to raise brand level could help brands receive optimal communication effects.

Efficient interaction between Wanda Ticket Platform and customers is amazing because over 82% of audiences who go to Wanda cinemas buy and collect tickets on the machine. The rate of scanning QR codes of pop-ups is over 17% which is three times more than similar online media’s interactive conversion rate. Wanda Ticket Platform in cinemas is building a brand new business model which is from offline to online and back to offline again. This is the real-time marketing including screen media connection in cinema scenarios, mutual transformation online, cinema goods prize, customer screening, and observable effectiveness data.

LCD poster screens are distributed in areas like ticket counter, hall, rest area, aisle and staircase. Multi-point locations and multi-frequency contacts have customers form deep memories for brands.

LCD splice screens are placed in the area where no audience can ignore—above the ticket barrier. Video ads are played repeatedly on large screens, which strongly attract potential customers’ attentions for brands in pleasant scenarios.  

Brand-sponsored auditorium highlights brand with high quality through providing global top projection equipment, high-quality viewing experience and a long-term naming sponsorship.

Cinema showing media will be placed in conspicuous positions, which includes various formats such as light boxes, wall posters, hanging flags and so on. Wall light boxes are placed in aisles of theatres, which has strong visual impacts and perfectly matches the high quality of brands. As displaying in big and prominent images, this is an ideal way for car and mobile phone brand clients to display their product images. 

Display positions make brands have intimate contact with customers and let customers experience the products directly, which will enhance their consumption temptation in a short time with the good mood after watching a movie.