Inside Auditoriums

Wanda Cinema has been topped in box office and viewer numbers for 8 consecutive years. Focus on cinemads and targeted cinemads.

  • Wanda Cinemads

    Wanda Cinemads

    Wanda Cinemads are advertisements which will be played before all the films start in certain cinemas. Release date is controllable, market targeting is flexible and a large number of people will be covered. Over 90% early-admission rate guarantees effective reach and the cozy comfortable environment will promote audience reception of ads.  

  • Wanda Targeted Cinemad

    Wanda Targeted Cinemad

    Wanda Targeted Cinemads are advertisements copied along with specified films and will be played in all the Wanda theatres before certain film screenings. Use the advantages of super IP to target customers and to raise brand level could help brands receive optimal communication effects.