FIBA World Cup

Games of FIBA are marvelous which are golden business opportunities cannot be missed. FIBA Basketball World Cup is going to come to China in 2019.

  • FIBA World Cup

    From 2016 to 2033, Wanda Sports is the global sponsor and exclusive business partner of selling concessions and marketing of FIBA Basketball World Cup and its preliminaries, continental championships and their preliminaries, FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup and World Basketball Championship Junior. Wanda Sports provides them with omnibus services such as branding, marketing, reception, operating, partnership and so on.

    Notably, FIBA Men's Basketball World Cup, which is about to be held in China in 2019, will be another world-class top sports event undertaken by Beijing after the World Championships in Athletics in 2015. It will also be an international competition of the highest level and the greatest influence during the period of the preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics. At that time, it will present the audience a wonderful game that will be held at the same time in 8 cities, gathering international basketball superstars. There will be over 7 thousand hours of games live broadcasting in 179 regions around the world with a billion audiences watching them. This golden business opportunity cannot be missed.