The sports marketing business of Wanda Media covers multiple popular top sport events and appeals to 300 million sports fans. Wanda Media breaks the traditional model of sports marketing and returns to sports spirit itself. Furthermore, through establishing a range of perfectly-integrated cooperation between the brands and the sport events, Wanda Media helps the brands to increase its popularity rapidly and business value significantly.

Classic video

“China Cup”, the first formal international football competition that comes to China, is an A-level international football event approved by FIFA. Participating national teams can earn points from FIFA officially. China National Football Team, as the team from host country, directly gets qualification and could have opportunities to improve not only their skills but also rankings in FIFA.

Tour of Guangxi is the only world-class professional cycling competition in China and Asia. It enjoys international focus and gathers top players from all round the world. Not only is there beautiful scenery along the way, but the forms of commercial cooperation are also various, helping the brands to display on the international stage.

Ironman triathlon is referred as “the pearl on the crown of endurance exercise”, including three sports of swimming, cycling and running. Triathlon not only lasts long but is also extremely tough, challenging athelets’ physical strength, stamina and skills, which is one of the most exciting, challenging and ornamental extreme sports. Those who finish the competition within the given time will be given the name called “Ironmen”.