Wanda Media together with FFAN.com, Mtime.com and Member+, creates online scenes for brand clients based on offline film scene and commercial scene so as to guide the customers on a right O2O consuming way.

Resource Introduction

"Member+" is one of the important strategies of Wanda Film in creating the film life ecosystem that aims to offer the best opportunity to the brands to contact closely with 90 million members in models of O2O and scene marketing.  Wanda Cinema Members who hold features of living high-quality lives, high level of consumption, and loyalty to cinemas have been increasing drastically. Wanda Cinema Members are highly consistent with target audience for brand clients.

FFAN.com now covers more than one thousand shopping malls around the country and already owned over three thousand business entities in 2016. Connection rate of WIFI while customers come into the malls is about 60% and the number of people who access to WIFI ads are expected to be 7 billion every year. By transforming the form of offline reality scenes to an online inter connection sharing mode, it builds an "online + offline" entertainment platform for the brands, which accomplishes full contact with customers. And it will build scenes of smart life to cover customers with immersive advertising all rounds.

Wanda Media cooperates with Mtime.com, the most professional film website in China, to completely develop the huge potential of the users of Mtime.com and directly attract the target group of young generations, influencing film enthusiasts and film-related workers. Meanwhile, the live stream platform lately released by Mtime.com can make the audience see the scene in Hollywood from multiple cameras, which has a great value for commercial development.