Adhere to the core concept of convergence marketing and with years of experiences in providing service for over 300 brand clients, Wanda Media helps brand clients developing brand positioning strategies that are distinct from their competing brands. With all the business resources and fashionable creative designs, Wanda Media will help brand clients enhancing influence as well as boosting social reputation.

Resource Introduction

Wanda Media has a powerful brand marketing team which is able to make brilliantly creative plan by virtue of keen insight and could help brand clients developing brand positioning strategies different from competitive brands, so as to enhance brand influence and social reputation. Making full use of touch points of film scenarios, plaza scenarios, sports scenarios and tour scenarios of Wanda business resources to get close contact with customers, touch and impress targeted customers under "good mood" scenarios to facilitate their decision-making of purchasing and finally achieve excellent effect of brand promotions.

Wanda Media manages an experienced film promotion team with a great executive ability. With the powerful resources, Wanda Media helps film producers and publishers touching viewers deep inside their hearts and maximizing the impact of film promotions. In 2016, Hollywood first adopted the local Chinese idea and set the poster of “Shadow Break” as the final poster of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles 2 for the region of China, which was invested and promoted by Wanda Media. Wanda Media diversifies its ways of film packaging, promotion and publicity and has established strategic partnerships with well-known film producers in Hollywood and domestic Wanda Pictures. It has devoted to the field of film for 8 years and specializes in market expansion for films.